Decoding complex biology to find tomorrow’s treatments for today’s patients.

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Decoding complex biology to find tomorrow’s treatments for today’s patients.

We’re transforming drug discovery through well-orchestrated research and sound science. Our purpose-based mission is to continue improving the lives of patients who face some of the most complex, hard-to-treat diseases.

Aria Pharmaceuticals is a preclinical-stage pharmaceutical company discovering and developing novel, small molecule therapies for patients in need of new treatments across many complicated diseases. These patients simply cannot wait on traditional discovery methods. That’s why at Aria, we have redefined the drug discovery approach, increasing success rates by mitigating risks throughout the drug development process. We’ve shown promise across a diverse range of therapeutic areas with the ability to address over 1,000 diseases.

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Aria’s drug discovery engine.

Drug discovery is complex. Our technology decodes complex biology in an unprecedented manner, combining the widest biomedical data landscapes available with proprietary, purpose-built artificial intelligence. Symphony™ is the only AI drug discovery platform that integrates and simultaneously analyzes unrelated heterogenous data in one process. We see the whole picture, increasing our chance of fully understanding the biology and detecting a signal others can’t see.


By combining innovative biomedical and computer science expertise in our Symphony™ platform, we are efficiently and effectively growing our pipeline to address today’s most complex diseases where new therapies are needed the most. Symphony™ includes built-in features essential for biological discovery that allow our scientists to fully trace the rationale behind all predictions and choose the best candidates optimized for Phase 1 and Phase 2 success, mitigating drug development risks.

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