Pharmaceutical companies today face extreme pressures undermining the productivity and success rate in drug discovery and development. A steady decline in drug discovery success rates coupled with complex clinical research design and recruitment delays are key factors driving a decline in overall R&D productivity.

Our focus is to change the way potential new treatments are discovered and identified, speeding up the early phase preclinical process. The results are a more robust pipeline, higher success rates moving into clinical research and years saved in overall discovery and development.

Aria Pharmaceuticals has enjoyed partnering with like-minded pharmaceutical companies to help advance our pipeline with the spirit that collaboration can bring innovative treatments to patients even faster. We focus on first-in-class small molecules and believe in R&D excellence based on sound science, offering NCE partnerships with dramatically higher success rates at in vivo milestones compared to the traditional R&D process.


We are committed to and actively seeking partnerships for the further development and commercialization of our assets and evaluating potential opportunities to help expand our growing pipeline.

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