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Today’s drug screening methods use one or two types of data. However, disease biology is not replicable by simple screening models because diseases are complex and heterogenous. Yet, advanced screening methods that process dozens of data sources at one time have uncovered novel hits that have been overlooked across the entire history of medicine. In this article, Dr Aaron Daugherty, Vice President of Discovery at Aria Pharmaceuticals, shares evidence of how we might be missing potential breakthrough therapies.
Aria Pharmaceuticals, a pharmaceutical company focused on bringing first-in-class small molecules to market, today announced that its lead candidate for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF), TXR-1002, demonstrated significant efficacy in new preclinical research. TXR-1002 represents a completely new novel mechanism of action for the potential treatment of IPF. Data was presented at the 6th Annual Antifibrotic Drug Development Summit on November 10 in Boston.