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It can take up to six years to accumulate enough evidence to support advancing an experimental drug into clinical development. twoXAR is working to rapidly accelerate that process through the use of Big Data and its proprietary algorithms to find screen large public and proprietary data sets to indentify new drug candidates and determine their efficacy. We spoke to Andrew Radin, co-founder and CEO of twoXAR, about the company’s technology, how it’s being applied today, and the evolution of the company’s strategy.
Many of us have experienced the pitfalls of a “one-size-fits” all approach to medicine, where physicians prescribe treatment for the “average patient” instead of the one sitting in front of them. By not accounting for the variability in genes, environment, and lifestyle that are often so closely tied to health and illness, treatments end up falling short and sometimes do more harm than good. Fortunately, the “precision medicine” movement, which takes into account the patient’s unique characteristics when prescribing treatment and prevention strategies, has gained traction in recent years.
The mindset of “move fast and break things”, while great for code, isn’t exactly great for the human body. So adding computation to biology — especially in the slow-moving pharmaceutical industry, where drug approval can take years — brings with it both opportunities (like drastically faster discovery and assessment) and challenges (the need for hard evidence, not just soft-ware). But there’s more: We don’t want just better outcomes for healthcare. We want better outcomes at a cheaper price.